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An Introduction To Online Craps Props Bets

A variety of props bets has been introduced into the game of Craps over its centuries-long history, and some of those betting options are among the most recognisable elements of the game. As you might be aware, the famous dice game has a reputation for complicated bets, but that reputation doesn’t mean that all the available betting options are convoluted.

Most of those options are one-roll bets, which means their outcome is determined by the very next roll of the dice. Find out more about a few of the most popular online Craps props bets below.

Aces Or ‘Snake Eyes’

The Aces bet is also known as ‘Snake Eyes,’ and it’s probably the most famous of all the props bets in Craps. If you place this bet, you wager that the next dice roll will produce a 2, a result that can formed by only one combination, namely 1-1. A winning Aces/’Snake Eyes’ bet pays out an impressive 30:1.

Ace-Deuce Or Three Craps

Also known as Three Craps, the Ace-Deuce bet is a wager that the next dice roll will produce a 3, formed by a 1-2 combination. There’s a 2 in 36 chance of rolling this combination, and if that happens, the payout theoretically should be 17:1. However, most online Craps games have an 11.11% house edge, which slightly reduces that payout to 15:1.

Three-Way Or Any Craps

You can win a Three-Way or Any props bet by rolling any of the 3 Craps numbers, namely 2, 3, or 12. Looking at game statistics, we find that those three results are least likely to be thrown. The payout depends on which result wins the bet. The payout for winning the bet by throwing a 2 or a 12 is 30:1, but if you win the bet by rolling a 3, the payout is 15:1.

Any 7 Or ‘Big Red’

When you place an Any 7 or ‘Big Red’ props bet, you wager that the next roll of the Craps dice will produce a 7. There are only three combinations that could produce this result, including 1-6, 3-4, and 2-5. A winning Any 7 bet pays out 4:1.

Twelve Or ‘Boxcars’

Also known as ‘Boxcars,’ a Twelve props bet in Craps is a wager that the next throw of the dice will produce a 12. There is only one combination that can win the bet, and that’s 6-6. If your Twelve or ‘Boxcars’ bet wins, you receive a payout of 30:1.

High-Low Or Hi-Lo Craps Props Bet

The High-Low props bet, sometimes spelled Hi-Lo, in online Craps is a combination of the ‘Snake Eyes’ and ‘Boxcars’ bets. If you take this option, you’ll need to see the dice produce a 2 or a 12 to win your bet. Not all versions of the classic dice game offer this option. Those that do usually see winning High-Low bets pay out 15:1.

If you’re ready to move beyond Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets when playing Craps online, consider placing one or more of these popular props bets.

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