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Best Casino Restaurants On The Planet

The excitement of the casino as we know it today has been around since as early as the 17th century.

While the first casino, the Casino di Venezia, was open exclusively to the rich and famous of the day, this would soon change with the rise of the shiny lights of Las Vegas.

Today, people from all walks of life get to enjoy the experience of it all and get a taste of the glitzier things in life.

But casinos have become known for more than just gaming. Folks out for a night on the town want it all, including an exceptional dining experience.

Below are just some of the best casino restaurants and eateries that should be on every gambler’s bucket list.

Robuchon Au Dome

Macau recently surpassed Las Vegas in becoming the largest gambling capital in the world. But it’s also home to one of the finest dining experiences on the planet: restaurateur Joel Robuchon’s Robuchon au Dome.

Located in one of the most striking casinos in the world, Macau’s Grand Lisboa, Robuchon au Dome boasts three Michelin Stars. Not only does it offer to casino diners a truly impressive fine dining experience, but also breathtaking views of beautiful Macau.

Le Train Bleu

Located just outside of the entrance of the Monte Carlo staple Place du Casino in Monaco, Le Train Bleu is so much more than just another French restaurant. In fact, you’ll hardly find better Italian cuisine anywhere else in the world – including Italy.

On the menu diners will discover everything from eggplant risotto to classic Italian desserts like Meringata al Grand-Marnier.


Located inside of Las Vegas’ Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Picasso is a haven for lovers of gambling, art, and some of the finest dining the city has to offer.

This special eatery offers a bird’s eye view of the famous Bellagio Fountains, not to mention walls adorned with authentic paintings by Pablo Picasso.

Owned and operated my master chef Julian Serrano, the Picasso is where French and Spanish cuisine meet.

Waku Ghin

Singapore’s famous Marina Bay Sands Casino is home to this culinary jewel.

Waku Ghin is the masterpiece brainchild of Japanese master chef Tetsuya Wakuda and spans an incredible 8,000 square feet. But since it seats only 25 diners at any given time, the Waku Ghin experience is exclusivity at its very best.

Each of the venue’s dining rooms features its own chef, with everything from Euro-Japanese to the best Caviar on the prestigious menu.

And no visit to the restaurant would be complete without making a turn at the Bar at Waku Ghin, where fine liquor, Sake, and Japanese cocktails dominate the artsy menu.

Restaurant Guy Savoy

Heading back to Sin City, no visit to Las Vegas should be without a stop at Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace.

The restaurant is ultra-modern and overlooks the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower replica. This lends to the restaurant an authentic Paris look and feel.

For the best in French cuisine outside of France, you’re unlikely to find a more delicious menu on the planet.

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