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How To Bet On Major Tennis Events

When betting on tennis, there’s no feeling that quite beats that of a Grand Slam tournament.

Possibly the most popular of these is Wimbledon, which is a major event hosted by London, England. Wimbledon is popular for many reasons, including the fact that it’s the only Grand Slam tournament still played on grass, the massive celebrity attendance, and the sheer number of betting opportunities available to punters.

While much like every other Grand Slam event, Wimbledon makes for a great opportunity to place bets over a period of two weeks, it remains a unique favourite because of the height of the stakes.

Whether your favourite is Wimbledon, the US Open, or any of the other Grand Slam events, we’ve put together a helpful guide for becoming a winner when betting on major tennis tournaments.

Shop For Best Value

While this is a piece of advice often shared, it cannot be overstated: only bet when there is value, and if not, then keep shopping around until you find it.

Any tennis strategy worth its weight in gold will include a section on how to identify true value. This will include teaching you how to do a break-down of each matchup – leaving you with only great value in the end.

Become A Specialist

With so many tournaments being played all-year-round, a good strategy is to focus on whatever you know best. This will allow you to further hone your skills until you reach specialist-status.

This is why most successful punters focus on one specific area, for example only men’s or only women’s events, sticking to Grand Slam events, or keeping the action to the Challenger circuit.

By the same token, it’s a good idea to stick to those markets you’re most comfortable and familiar with.

Whatever you choose to apply your mind and energy to, it is vital that you be selective in order to achieve true and ongoing success.

Have Multiple Accounts

There’s nothing as limiting as sticking to a single bookmaker – no matter the sport you’re betting on. This applies also to tennis and its major tournaments.

While having accounts with dozens of bookmakers would border on the excessive, it is vital to have several options at your disposal. This will allow you to shop around for the best possible edge and value.

Become A Record-Keeper

Since becoming a successful bettor on any sport requires the ability to identify value and manage your money well, discipline in keeping a proper record is key when wanting to show an improvement on your tennis-betting game.

A well-maintained record will include the date, the name of the bookmaker, details of the tournament, the value of your bet, and finally, a running commentary on your profit/loss.

Look For The Dodgy Seed

While favourites are invited to major tennis tournaments for good reason, always keep in mind that some will under-perform in terms of seeding.

Do your research. This will enable you to differentiate between those who deserve their seeding and those who do not.

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